Your bathroom is an indispensable part of your home. You begin your day inside by brushing, and you end it with a nighttime shower before going to bed. It’s like another comfort zone where you spend alone time to refresh your body, brood and meditate, or just feel good in your skin. Since you are super comfortable in this secluded part of your home, it won’t be a bad idea to invest in a bathroom remodeling service, one that will reflect your preferences, color scheme, and uniqueness. Bathroom remodeling can take just a few days but will change the overall appearance of your bathroom and make you more comfortable inside.

Our remodeling team will work with you to understand your choices, present some options, and let you decide which materials best suit your personality. From minor adjustments to major bathroom remodeling, you will love the new bathroom look when our job is complete.

Types of Bathroom Remodels

There are many ways you could revamp your bathroom to reflect your personality and style while making it cozier for your relaxation and personal moments. You don’t have to spend on a complete bathroom renovation, just a few alterations would do. Some of these include:

Cosmetic Remodeling

If you don’t want a complete remodel and you lack the budget for these big bathroom renovations, a simple cosmetic bathroom overhaul can make your space look different in a spectacular way. From upgrading vanities, sinks, and countertops to retiling and repainting the walls, including improving the design of the flooring and changing the shower doors, these little changes can make a remarkable difference. You can also use the bathroom remodeling process to replace broken or old fixtures and make whatever changes are necessary at your discretion.

Floor Remodeling

Bath remodels can also be about floors. Perhaps your bathroom looks just fine and is to your taste, but you don’t like what you see whenever you look down. Your bathroom floors could use a remodel, and the choice is yours, while the options available to us are abundant. Take advantage of our free consultation service to discuss your needs with us.

Complete Bathroom Remodeling

We can focus our attention on every part of your bathroom at your request. Perhaps your family just got bigger with the growth of a young child, or a new relative just began sharing the living space. These changes will demand a bathroom remodel service. You might need to declutter your bathroom to create more space for bathroom activities. Some fixtures will need repositioning to accommodate the needs of a young child. The floor plan may need to change, a closet might be added, and the toilet could use another spot in the bathroom. We can transform your ideas into reality or provide you with excellent recommendations because we are pros at this.

Custom Tub and Shower Remodels

You might only need to update your tub and personalize it or upgrade your shower to reflect the latest trends in the bathroom world. A remodeling such as this won’t require much labor time since we are only focused on the tub and shower. We have a couple of design options that you can choose from if you are not open to personalization. Whichever is the case, we guarantee that you will spend more time in your bathroom, which could become a favorite part of your house when the job is over.

Shower-Tub Transformations

You can choose to update your tub to a more contemporary version or convert it to a shower. This conversion will give you something to look forward to any time you walk into the bathroom, just as it will redefine your bathing experience. The thrill of switching from bathtub to shower, the feel of something different, and the experience of a new bathing style are always ones to relish.

Walk-in Tub Installation

If you have family members aging in place, it’s a good idea to retrofit your bathroom in ways that could suit them. One such way is by installing walk-in tubs. Since they are no longer mobile and agile, a lowered step-in basin and handrails could significantly improve their experience in the bathroom. We can also include other convenient features in the bathroom’s design to allow the dearly departed to enjoy a seamless bathroom experience.

Complete Custom Bathroom Remodeling

Perhaps you have a bathroom design idea you can’t wait to see in reality; all you need to do is inform us. We can remodel your bathroom according to your design and style, with every accent and element that makes you feel like this space is completely yours. From the electrical wiring, lighting, countertops, and wall paint to the flooring, shower, tubs, fixtures, and cabinets, we can remodel it to your taste to give you a new bathroom look and feel. It’s your style, and our job is to make your dream bathroom come true.

Why Choose Tri-City Home Improvement Pros for Your Bathroom Remodeling in Prescott, AZ?

At Tri-City, we’re proud of how hard we work and how committed we are to getting great results. We don’t stop working until you give us a satisfactory nod. We have a professional team of designers and experienced remodelers, who devote their time and skills to doing stellar jobs and earning us heartwarming reviews. Beyond all these, you can trust us with your bathroom’s remodeling needs because of the following:

  • We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded; you have nothing to worry about.
  • We give you a guarantee that we will satisfy you and live up to it.
  • We will handle your remodeling project like it’s ours.
  • Our core principles are integrity, quality craftsmanship, relationship, and healthy rapport.

Make Your Bathroom the Most Comfortable Part of Your Home Today

Start your day in high spirits from your bathroom’s ambiance, and end on a joyful note with a night shower in your latest comfort zone with the remodeling services of Tri-City Pros. We are one of the best bathroom remodeling companies in Arizona, and this status reflects across all our services. Whether you are looking for a minor adjustment and upgrade to your fixtures or a complete bathroom to revamp, we’ve got you covered.

What about customization? That’s also our specialty, as our designers will work closely with you, learning your preferences down to every detail, and doing a great job of personalizing your bathroom.

Make your bathroom your next haven for relaxation by contacting us now for a free design consultation.