If you thought that there were limited options for bathroom remodeling, think again. This year we’re seeing a breakaway from the traditional white ceramics, built-in baths and standard sinks, and tile patterns that we’ve been accustomed to.

It’s an exciting time for bathrooms, as art and creativity are moving into this space since bathrooms are becoming more about relaxation and leisure than just washing up.

Here are some intriguing trends to try out for your new bathroom in 2023.

Bathroom Sink

Have Fun With Color

Bathroom sinks and tiles no longer have to be plain white. In fact, they never did ‒ it was just the style that took precedence over the years. Innovation is extending into all aspects of our lives in these exciting modern times and bathrooms are no exception.

Leading interior designers are encouraging home owners to enjoy a coloured sink or play around with bold coloured tiles. And we say, why not? If it lifts your mood and softens your heart every time you walk into your bathroom, choose an unconventional color.

Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding Bathtubs

You may have seen pictures online or in trending magazines that feature freestanding bathtubs. These were the norm several hundred years ago and have been considered vintage, but are now making a greater appearance in bathroom decor. A freestanding bathtub adds an interesting look and feel to the room and is a trend you might want to consider for a contemporary styled bathroom.

Cool bathroom Cabinet

Bespoke Vanity Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets are not only functional since they help us store little odds and ends, but they also serve as an interesting focal point. In design trends, we’re seeing more experimenting with texture, shapes and patterns when it comes to cabinets, so you can keep your countertops clear while adding an element of style to the room.

You could repurpose old cabinets or have them custom designed to suit your personality. Consult an expert carpenter or cabinet manufacturer for creative, bespoke vanity cabinets for an uplifting touch to your bathroom.

Natural Materials

Natural Materials

Eco-friendly living is gaining traction and, as a result, more natural materials are moving into the bathroom space. Speak to a bathroom remodeling expert about the most durable natural materials for your bathroom that will look great while also repelling moisture and mold buildup. For example, you can combine bamboo baskets with ceramics or use a rustic stone sink for a welcoming vibe.


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