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The Importance of Using Reputable Licensed Professional Painters & Contractors:

When choosing a contractor for your interior or exterior painting projects, or other home renovations, it’s important you do your homework on who you’re using to help avoid the risk your job being done poorly and without proper preparation. There are a lot of details involved in painting a home, Its not simply rolling a coat or two of paint and primer combo and then calling it a day. At Tri-City Pro Referral Service, we take into account all factors including (but not limited to) the surface/substrate that is going to be painted, any and all existing flaws, and our quality of work put into each project.

Here are some things that we do with each and every paint Renovation we handle at Tri-City Pro Referral Service:

  • Prime all surfaces

  • Use the proper primer for each surface (not all primer is equal)

  • Use a quality paint to ensure durability

  • Caulk after priming to create better bonding

  • Never Roll or use a brush on doors or cabinetry, use a fine finish spray tip

  • The importance of back-rolling and when to do it

  • Always use the proper tape for masking to ensure zero damage to other surfaces

  • Always use the proper spray tip to ensure a flawless finish

  • We can help you choose the proper sheen for interior or exterior paint

  • Know when to prep and paint fascia and when to fully replace it

  • How to properly prep cabinets prior to painting them and wait type of paint to use

  • Use the tape-caulk method to get those razor sharp paint lines when transitioning colors

We take pride in our work and in getting the job done right the first time.

Skipping these steps can cause the paint to fail and peel or flake, in turn costing you a headache and a lot more money in the long run. A major plus of using Tri-City Pro Referral Service is we are a full service remodeling company. What this means for you is there is nothing we can not do or replace to make you job completely perfect and done properly. We are licensed, bonded  and insured. Call us today for a free quote!


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